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New Music: Tierra Whack

Meet the already acclaimed Philly rapper brimming with ingenuity.

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It’s likely you’ve heard of Tierra Whack before. Her critical success to date has seen her perform on Jimmy Kimmel in the US, and set her up to play a number of influential stateside festivals. Now, for the first time ever, she’s set to arrive on UK shores for a live show, driven by a captivating personality and a huge dose of genuine fun.

The latest single Unemployed showcases her prowess honed as a teenager on the Philly battle-rap scene. Throughout, Tierra maintains an impeccable flow while decorating each verse with some of her trademark off-the-wall lyricism.

Tierra Whack – Unemployed (Audio)

In 2018, at 22 years old, Tierra independently unveiled her widely acclaimed debut Whack World, which both Noisey and Dazed crowned as their album of the year. Gathering hype in the record’s build up with four quality standalone singles, the debut – running a total of 15 minutes – immediately put Tierra Whack on the map, allowing her to leave her day job as a door-woman at a condo in Philly and cementing her as one of the most exciting contemporary artists around.

Whack World is an audio-visual conceptual album comprising 15 one-minute songs, pushing Tierra’s personality to centre stage as she explores everything from alternative RnB, contemporary soul and jazz to pop-rap, auto-crooning and trap. It’s all executed immaculately through a humorous lens with a bedroom pop aesthetic.

It’s a trend Tierra has continued post Whack World, releasing a single a week for five consecutive weeks, beginning in late February with the brilliantly tongue-in-cheek Only Child; itself a scathing take on selfish relationships.

Now, with only a handful of songs either side of her 15 minute debut, Tierra Whack is already celebrated for taking more risks and showcasing more variety in her sound than many artists have in their entire discography.

More essential tracks

Whack World – If you’re a fan of contemporary rnb/rap/soul or even if you’re just into visual artistry and creativity in general … there’s no better way to spend 15 minutes. Trust …

Tierra Whack - Whack World

Only Child

Tierra Whack - Only Child (Audio)


Tierra Whack – Wasteland (Audio)

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Photo by Nick Canonica, courtesy of Tierra Whack