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New Music: Omar Apollo

Meet the Mexican-American set to make the world groove.

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“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

America has long been a destination for those wanting to give themselves and their family a better life, a land of opportunity where with dedication and hard work, anyone can make something of themselves. That’s what Omar Apollo’s parents strived for when they left Mexico, they wanted a better life for their family and the chance for their kids to go to college.

It must have been particular jarring then, when two weeks in, their son Omar dropped out of University to pursue music as a full-time career. Fortunately for Omar, (and his parents), he’s very, very talented.

Omar Apollo combines a wide range of influences to create his own blend of high energy, danceable funk-infused pop music. His latest single So Good displays a remarkable amount of confidence and ambition for someone still at the beginning of their career.

Falsetto vocals dance over funky walking bass lines, joyful synths and Nile Rodgers-esque guitar licks. There are references to ’70s dance music littered throughout the tune, it isn’t hard to imagine the song blaring out over the sound system at New York City’s legendary Studio 54, whilst Andy Warhol nods along approvingly in the corner.

Check out the official video for the song below:

Omar Apollo - So Good (Official Video)

The musician’s career is one that almost never was, originally giving up the guitar at age 12 after becoming bored of playing in church. Omar rediscovered the instrument at the age of 18, and a love of artists such as John Mayer, Benny Bings, D’Angelo, Elliot Smith, Gary Numan and João Gilberto encouraged him to keep going and start crafting his own songs.

The musician has released two EPs so far, his debut Stereo and most recent release Friends. Attracting praise from highly regarded tastemakers such as Pitchfork and The Guardian, Omar’s music has been streamed over 55 million times.

Omar Apollo is currently in the midst of a US tour, including huge sold out shows in Los Angeles and New York. After those run of dates, the music maker will cross the pond for a run of European shows and will play his biggest London headline show to date with a gig at East London’s Village Underground.

The musician recently inked a deal with global label services company AWAL, with the aim of releasing a debut album in the not too distant future.

More essential tracks

Ashamed, the lead single from Omar’s Friends EP.

Omar Apollo - Ashamed [Official Lyric/Music Video]

The closing track from Omar’s Friends EP, the reflective Trouble.  

Omar Apollo - Trouble [Official Music Video]

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