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Incredibly well-travelled New York resident Amber Mark made waves in 2017 with her debut release 3:33am, a collection of seven songs related directly to the stages of grief. The mini-album followed the death of her mother, a parent who had opened the world up to her daughter. Homeschooled and near-nomadic, Amber Mark found herself exposed to vibrant cultures, the impact of which is evident across her sound.

It’s no surprise that on follow up EP Conexão Amber delivers a reimagining of Sade’s Love Is Stronger Than Pride. Mark’s voice, not least on the record’s title track and the sublime Love Me Right carries the same global charm that continues to separate Sade from the pack. In fact, when approaching Sade for permission to interpret Love Is Stronger Than Pride in her own way, Amber Mark was met with mutual respect and support.

Amber Mark - Love Is Stronger Than Pride (Official Video)


Amber Mark blends together R&B and pop melodies, and as has been repeatedly said about the young singer, does so with little fanfare. As with many of the world’s leading vocalists, it’s her subtle tones that lead the way. Mark sways between the sultry, the impassioned and the pained. On 3:33am she easily embodies the stages of grief, from depression to anger and ultimate acceptance. On Conexão she speaks of love. With the latter, she opens herself up.

Creatively, Amber Mark strives forward on her own terms. Her career began with Logic, having struggled to find an appropriate producer for her sound. Other than the Sade cover, which she still places her definitive stamp on, Mark celebrates total creative control. She wrote, produced and even performed every element of Conexão. There’s a fierce independence that runs throughout her sound, borne out of her atypical upbringing and subsequent personal trauma.

Conexão continues to build on the foundations laid by 3:33am, as do recent single Put You On and cover High On Your Love. Whereas her first release looked for emotional release by laying her pain bare, her latest releases invite other to find connections (the Conexão EP’s title translates from Portuguese as just that). It takes the difficulties of life and finds the perfect melodies and sounds to represent them.

Essential tracks

Conexão lead single Love Me Right sees Amber Mark at her most soulful.

Amber Mark - Love Me Right (Official Video)


Taken from her 3:33am debut, Monsoon soundtracks Amber Mark’s grief following the passing of her mother.

Amber Mark - Monsoon (Official Video) ft. Mia Mark


Put You On is a soulful take on traditional R&B, effortlessly propelled into the modern day.

Amber Mark - Put You On ft. DRAM (Official Video)

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