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New Music: MorMor

Meet the singular Canadian singer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist.

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Much like James Blake and Frank Ocean before him, Canadian multi-instrumentalist MorMor – real name Seth Nyquist – delivers a notably intimate sound. Taking on production duties as well as largely playing all instruments himself, he mirrors the aforementioned contemporaries in their bedroom aesthetic, ultimately creating a sound far larger than the confines of four walls, but one that captures the same introspection and closeness.

Raised with music at the heart of his family and encouraged by his mother to play instruments, MorMor began to piece together his compositions fulled by his environment. As in Ocean’s work, Nyquist combines self-reflection with a sultry sound, somewhere between indie-pop, minimalist electro and soul. On Pass The Hours, released in the latter part of 2018, he sounds more outwardly confident than his Heaven’s Only Wishful EP, yet retains his ever-dreamy blend.

MorMor - Pass The Hours


Much like the rest of his material to date, MorMor picks apart pop tropes, finding an ethereal space in the midst of melody, stripped back instrumentation and a subtle hint of nostalgia. It is this that first got him noticed, spurred on by a friend of fellow Toronto singer Daniel Ceasar. At this point Nyquist had dropped out of college to focus on his fledgling music career. The subsequent signing of various deals was an unexpected consequence, but one on which MorMor is building rapidly.

Across many interviews Nyquist has expressed his simple search for means to do what he loves full-time. Speaking to Highsnobriety he responds when asked what he hopes to achieve with his music, “[t]o connect with people and inspire them to honestly be themselves. That’s probably it.” It’s an initial simple yet utlimately complex aim, and one that mirrors his intricate yet beautiful sound.

Essential tracks

The title-track from his 2018 EP, Heaven’s Only Wishful pulls together his atypical electro infused indie-pop.

MorMor- Heaven's Only Wishful


Waiting On The Warmth continues the walk down a path devoid of genre definition, with nods to musical revisionist Blood Orange in its funkier moments and spoken word.

MorMor - Waiting on the Warmth


Whatever Comes To Mind is an honest, introspective look at life, shrouded under a truly escapist melody.

MorMor - Whatever Comes to Mind

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