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New Music: Holding Absence

Meet the Cardiff five-piece shaking up the alternative rock scene.

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With their self-titled debut full-length, Holding Absence have firmly established themselves as a unique force in the world of alternative music. Dominated by an ebb and flow of heartfelt melodies and crushing guitars, the eleven tracks deliver an emotional punch at a level few of their contemporaries have managed. Releasing a record about the turbulent nature of love and relationships, the Cardiff five-piece have crafted a delicate balance of powerful and pain, one that beautifully reimagines the tropes of their many influences. Sat somewhere between metal, rock, and emo – driven by affective melodies and clever experimentation – they exceed the norms of each.

Holding Absence - Like A Shadow (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)


Led by the emotive vocals of Lucas Woodland – the driving force behind the album’s concept – Holding Absence formed towards the end of 2016, initially finding their feet among post-hardcore giants. Signing to SharpTone Records – home of the likes of Miss May I, We Came As Romans and Don Broco – early material instantly delivered their now-honed blend of gentle and heavy. Citing a broad range of influences, from Radiohead to Thy Art Is Murder, experimentation has bled into their sound from the start.

Following the departure of their former guitarist during the creation of their debut album, the band have found stability with Woodland joined by now-permanent guitarists Scott Carey and Chris Smitheram, bassist James Joseph and drummer Ashley Green. Keen to grow and evolve, their already acclaimed debut album lays an incredibly solid foundation, created simply to make fans feel. “Everything has to mean something,” Woodland says. “Vocally, I’m just a vessel. I can’t write songs for everybody so I just want to write music that makes people feel in whatever way they can.”

Now – still comparably early in their career – Holding Absence have successfully established a strong emotional connection with their ever-growing fanbase. Focussing on the realities – both good and bad – of life and love, the band are in the midst of reinvigorating up their scene. Just like the love they have built their sound on, Holding Absence offer a brilliant emotional whirlwind, exceptionally full of promise.

More essential tracks

You Are Everything

Holding Absence - You Are Everything (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)



Holding Absence - Monochrome (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)



Holding Absence - Perish (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

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