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New Music: Fontaines D.C.

Meet the socially conscious post-punks from Ireland's capital city.

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In an early radio interview, Fontaines D.C. lead vocalist Grian Chatten was questioned as to why he thought people were connecting with his band. “I think there’s an authenticity to what we do” he replied, “and people have been starved of authenticity for too long.”

Now maybe more than ever, it feels like there’s a gap in the musical space for a band that makes people want to leave their house, head down to their local venue, jump around and sing along with like-minded folk, bonding over a shared authentic experience. Queue the Dublin post-punk rockers stepping up to the plate with urgency.

Formed a little over three years ago by college friends, the band’s career has accelerated over the past twelve months with a string of singles that have caught the attention of tastemakers and the imagination of the music buying public. Grain’s snarling vocals are layered over guitars, bass and drums with a minimalist production that suits their musical aesthetic. In a genre where lyrics are sometimes seen as an afterthought, Fontaines D.C. deliver the opposite, providing a thought-provoking and inquisitive social commentary.

Fontaines D.C. - Roy's Tune (Official Video)

Fontaines D.C.’s latest single Roy’s Tune takes the band in a more soft-hearted direction. The track takes on Irish frustration over the poverty gap in a country that houses the world’s most powerful and rich tech companies. The Liam Papadachi directed video mirrors this, the emotive visuals focussing on the tale of a family who is struggling to get by.

The track is a signifier of what is to come from the band’s forthcoming debut album Dogrel, due for release on 12 April 2019 via Partisan Records.

Alongside their social conscience, much of the band’s early success has been built on the mantra that they must be very good live to win over new fans the old fashioned way. In their short career so far, the five-piece have already performed over 200 acclaimed shows across Ireland, the UK, the US and Europe. At the time of writing, they embark on their biggest UK headline tour to date this April, with every show already sold-out, before heading to America for a run with Bristol contemporaries IDLES. Fontaines D.C. will then make their way back to the UK for a packed festival season and more headline dates this November, cementing their status as ones to watch.

More essential tracks

Too Real 

Fontaines D.C. - Too Real (Official Music Video)


Fontaines D.C. - Big (Official Music Video)

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