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New Music: Jake Wesley Rogers

Meet the US songwriter drawing comparisons to Sam Smith and James Blake.

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On the surface, Elton John’s recently released biopic Rocketman is about many things – excess, booze, drugs, shopping and rock and roll, but ultimately the fantasy flick is about someone who grew up feeling misunderstood and isolated in a small town, finding solace in sitting down at the piano writing and performing music, who managed to capture the imagination of the world.

Someone who can relate to that feeling all too well is Jake Wesley Rogers, the American musician who’s been increasingly compared to John in recent years.

Raised in Springfield, Missouri and now based in Nashville, the musician began writing and performing in his younger years using music as a mechanism to figure out who he was and what he stood for.

The wider world first got a glimpse of the remarkable talent Jake possesses when he appeared on the seventh series of mega talent show American’s Got Talent. At the age of 15, he reached the quarter-finals performing stripped-back versions of classic pop tracks such as Britney Spears’ Toxic and Lady Gaga’s The Edge Of Glory, two artists who had a profound impact on him growing up.

Fast forward a few years and Wesley Rogers is now releasing music off of his own volition, with a maturity that only time can give.

He released his latest EP Spiritual earlier this year, earning plaudits for its striking love songs unabashedly using male pronouns, something that even in 2019 still feels remarkably rare.

The musician has won high praise for his lyricism and one listen through of the EP is all that it takes to discover why. Every line brims with honesty and is delivered by Jake with the power of southern American soul.

From the anthemic first track Jacob From The Bible to the introspective piano ballad The Pretender and soft closer Holy Man, the EP perfectly showcases Jake’s versatility as a songwriter.

Listen to Little Queen, taken from Spiritual below:

Jake Wesley Rogers - Little Queen (Official Music Video)

Jake Wesley Rogers is currently preparing to come to the UK in October, for two special shows at St Pancras Old Church, London and at The Castle Hotel in Manchester.

More essential tracks

The Pretender 

Jake Wesley Rogers - The Pretender (Official Audio)

I’ll Stand By You

Jake Wesley Rogers - I'll Stand By You (Official Music Video)

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