So Zac Farro IS back in Paramore? Band share studio update…

Paramore have been hinting at a possible reunion with former drummer Zac Farro for a few days now.

We tried to ignore it for the sake of our heart pressure but now it’s time to address the rumours.

First, they were just ‘eating with people not doing anything special at all’ and now the former band mates have been pictured in the studio together.

Call us suspicious but this looks like more than a friendly lunch with old pals…

As if a new Paramore album wasn’t exciting enough, this possible reconciliation – following Zac and his brother Josh Farro’s departure from the band in 2010 – has got fans seriously excited online.

Watch. This. Space.

Here’s some ‘vintage’ Paramore to swoon over for now…

Paramore: Pressure [OFFICIAL VIDEO]