Why families should see Harry Potter in Concert

We sent Minimaster Nova to see the Philosopher's Stone with a live orchestra.

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The Czech National Symphony Orchestra are currently touring across the UK, performing to a screening of the first Harry Potter feature film – Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone.

The tour is part of the global phenomenon which has seen a number of countries witness the pairing of a live orchestra with the generation-defining tale of magic, rivalry, revenge and wizardry.

The music itself was written by John Williams, the composer behind some of cinema’s most iconic moments, not least Jaws, Star Wars and the Harry Potter series.

We sent 13 year old dance, acting and art loving Minimaster Nova to the live performance to find out just why families should see the show.

What happens in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone in Concert?

“I wanted to hear how the orchestra could have an effect on the film, and they really built the tension and made the scenes more intense. The first Harry Potter film, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was shown on a big screen while the orchestra played the music in the background, but really the orchestra were the main focus.

The audience really got involved too, and the orchestra were brilliant to watch and to listen to. Hearing the music really put us into the middle of the film, and it felt like we were right there with Harry and his friends.”

Why did you like the show?

“As the film was playing, the orchestra’s timing was impeccable and matched the film very well. The music emphasises the importance of certain scenes in the film, and really brings the whole thing to life.”

What were your favourite moments from the show?

“My favourite moments were the cheering and booing at the different scenes and characters. One of the last scenes, where Harry is battling for the Stone was really dramatic. The orchestra just made it even more exciting, and you could feel the tension in the room. People around me were holding their breaths.

Another highlight was the zoo and snake scene, when Harry and his cousin Dudley come face-to-face with a boa constrictor after Harry accidentally vanishes the glass and speaks to the snake. The scene is dramatic and funny, and the orchestra really captures both sides.”

The tour continues across the UK, including two nights at London’s Festival Hall. Here are the remaining dates:

Here are those UK dates:

13 September 2019 – Usher Hall, Edinburgh
14 September 2019 – SEC Armadillo, Glasgow
15 September 2019 – City Hall, Sheffield
17 September 2019 – Royal Festival Hall, London
18 September 2019 – Royal Festival Hall, London
19 September 2019 – St David’s Hall, Cardiff
20 September 2019 – Forum, Bath
21 September 2019 – Bournemouth International Centre, Bournemouth

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