What Rammstein In Amerkia taught us about one of metal’s best live bands

Rammstein are a breed all of their own, and nowhere have they ever been captured more candidly than throughout their new feature-length documentary.

Directed by Hannes Rossacher, Rammstein In Amerkia is a two-hour film documenting the Berlin band’s rise to US fame.

It becomes clear pretty quickly that the outlandish six-piece found success overseas against all odds and much controversy. It wasn’t easy, let’s just say, but the story captured in this unique film paints a picture of a metal band more determined than most to stick to their game plan. Albeit a game plan that was, at times, much about having no real plan at all.

Having carved a unique space for themselves in the metal and rock scene as one of the most unique live bands of our generation, the largely private band talk in their most open forum here.

Rammstein In Amerika (Official Trailer)

Audiences are given a look at the band like never before, as they recount everything from personal downfalls and inner band conflicts, to intimate dressing room antics and all manner of behind-the-scenes mayhem.

At the heart of it though, is a band with an unwavering set of values.

Rammstein In Amerkia also features appearances from Iggy Pop, Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers), Moby, Melissa Auf der Maur, Marilyn Manson, Kiefer Sutherland, Steven Tyler (Aerosmith), Jonathan Davis (Korn), CJ Ramone, Scott Ian (Anthrax), Slipknot, System of a Down, KISS and Taylor Momsen, who recall their various encounters with the Berlin band over the years.

The documentary culminates in Rammstein’s headline show at Madison Square Garden, New York in 2010, a 18,000 capacity gig which sold out in under 30 minutes. The DVD package also includes the full show on a second disc. 

In case you weren’t convinced beforehand, Rammstein In Amerkia is a surefire way to make you fall for head over heels for this band. Just beware of pyro.

Rammstein In Amerkia is out on DVD and Blue Ray now.