What is a Ticketmaster collector ticket?

Do you collect your event tickets? Pin them on the wall, store them in a notebook or stuff them not-so-neatly into a shoebox full of random ‘stuff’?

However you store (or fail to store) your tickets, Ticketmaster collector tickets make any event all the more memorable.

Designed to be a treasured keepsake for you, they’re also the neatest, most stylish and super convenient way to store your tickets. They also look way better on the wall.

Collector tickets are available for selected events including Strictly Come Dancing Live, get full availability now at

Want to know more? Here are some of the most commonly asked questions answered…

How much does a Collector Ticket cost?
It’s just an extra £4.95 per ticket, and you’ll have a great souvenir for your event!

Can I order one Collector Ticket and one normal ticket?
Not at the moment, sorry! The way we print and pack tickets means that the entire order would either have to be Collector Tickets or standard.

Collector Ticket Ticketmaster

When will I receive my Collector Tickets?
The latest you should expect your Collector Tickets is around 2 weeks before the show, but we do aim to send them out much sooner wherever possible. We can’t arrange delivery for a specific date, but please don’t worry, as we’ll make sure the tickets are in your hands before the show! If you still don’t have your tickets by 2 weeks before.

How do Collector Tickets work?
It’s pretty similar to normal tickets! If you’ve ordered 4 Collector Tickets, you’ll receive 4 passes and 4 lanyards – they’ll have a barcode on, which will be scanned on your way into the event.

Do I have to wear the Collector Ticket around my neck?
You don’t have to, but we’d recommend it just so you don’t lose it – we can’t send you a replacement if it goes missing. You’ll need to keep your ticket with you during the event, so you can show it to security if they ask.

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