Video: Watch James Morrison vs The Music Industry

They say you learn a new thing every day, and since you’re likely to have the impression that James Morrison is, although an extraordinarily talented musician, a little boring, then you can consider this a major lesson.

It seems that James has had a bit of time on his hands creating videos that have gone viral across the web. Take a look at James Morrison vs The Music Industry, a documentary following James’ label team market his record.

“The internet loves cats, James, and we need to make the internet love you.”

James Meow 1










James has a skeptical face but this video is actually really funny!

And James is really put through the music industry ringer with some odd tasks that he’s expected to do:

James Mo 2










He is also friends with Paul Daniels – allegedly.

The documentary has had over 300,000 views, so in case you’ve missed it, watch it now:

James Morrison VS The Music Industry

You really feel his pain by the end.

james mo 3 i have everyone i work with










Tickets for James Morrison UK dates are now on sale here.

James Morrison 2016 uk tour