Tour diary: Rob Lynch hits the road with Allison Weiss

January may be the month of detoxing and lazy nights in (apparently), but things have been all go in the Rob Lynch camp.

The Xtra Mile artist kicked off 2015 with a mighty 10-date tour around the UK, joined by fellow singer-songwriter, Allison Weiss.

Rob shares his photos from the first few days on the road, including a whopping headline date at The Borderline, London. Put the kettle on and find out what he’s been getting up to…

Rob Lynch and Allison Weiss

Thursday 22 January

I woke up with anticipation and excitement in my bones for the first date of tour and started the day by eating some delicious bacon and eggs with Allison Weiss in my kitchen.

We arrived in Southampton and were greeted by the warm embrace of Ricky, the promoter at The Joiners. We sound checked, smashed out a filmed session and then enjoyed a couple of fine chilled alcoholic beverages.

It’s always nice to get the first show out of the way as there’s always the worry that since the last time you played a show, you may’ve forgotten how to play a guitar and open your mouth, and make the right sounds. Luckily, I just about remembered what to do.

After the show, we headed back to stay at Ricky’s house where we ate pizza and discussed the finer things in life. Ricky lives with a friend of mine called Will, he sings in an awesome band called Creeper who were on tour with Funeral For A Friend at the time. He came in later on in the night having got back from playing a show in London and I decided to dress up in my armed and legged sleeping bag, put on a Sully from Monsters Inc. mask and talk in a Bane voice, just to annoy him and everyone else until they decided it was time to sleep.

Not a bad start to tour.

Rob Lynch dressing up

Friday 23 January

Today our show was in Cardiff. Before we set off, we headed to J.D. Wetherspoons for a totally acceptable breakfast wrap and a cup of coffee. In the van on the way to Cardiff, I introduced Allison to the aural pleasures of the country pop behemoths, Eli Young Band. She was totally into it, and my goal of getting everyone into that band became one person closer.

Also in the van, Jonny and myself decided to try out the Headspace meditation app, attempting to reach zen-like levels of calm. We vowed to meditate each day for the rest of tour as we genuinely felt great.

Tonight’s show was in a tiny café bar, and with it being a Friday night, those in attendance were up for having some fun. We also were, and fun we had.

After the show we were invited to a clubnight called Team Up. We were given free drink and we pulled some big shapes to the likes of Alive by POD.

A highlight for me was getting my best Standing In The Way of Love so far. Standing In The Way of love is a movement I created where if someone is making out in public then you have to take a photo of yourself in front of them. It’s catching on like wildfire. Check out #standinginthewayoflove on Instagram.

After the clubnight we headed back to the hotel we were staying in and Allison and Adam went to bed. Myself and Jonny weren’t ready for bed yet and decided to stage our own WWE style wrestling match, utilising the beds and chairs in the room to their full potential for carnage.

Rob Lynch and Allison Weiss

Saturday 24 January

Broken bodies everywhere. Allison is suffering from what she alleges to be the worst hangover she’s ever had, and mine and Jonny’s bodies are feeling older beyond their years after the momentous Hell In A Hotel death match.

After a walk outside, and a burger and sugary drink (from a burger chain that doesn’t need my promotion), I felt as right as rain. Allison still felt horrendous.

We hit the road to London and Allison hunkered down in her sleeping bag and slept for the three-hour drive. Jonny and I sat in the back of the van and got into a long  existential discussion. It’s one of our favourite things to do.

The show at The Borderline tonight was the biggest show of the tour, so I had excitement running through my veins. Before the show I went to meet my friend Rob from Enter Shikari for a beer and a catch up, and to congratulate him on the success of their new album, The Mindsweep. If you haven’t checked it out, then you should. It’s an important record.

Rob Lynch headlines Borderline

Friendly faces were in abundance tonight, and beer and wine was flowing. The show itself was one of my favourites that I’ve played in a long time. I’ve been going to shows at The Borderline for a number of years, so to play a headline show there was a special feeling.

After the show, we jumped in the van along with my girlfriend, my housemate and a few other friends and headed back for home. We dropped my friends off at their house along the way and they were urging us to come in and party with them. My self-control has never known such bounds.

Sunday 25 January

Wake up, it’s a beautiful morning! I’ve never been so glad about not staying up and partying. As it’s another of my favourite things to do, I hope you’re proud of me.

My girlfriend, Sophie, made everyone eggs for breakfast. I had mine poached, the yolk was runny and bright orange, and was a delight. Thanks Sophie, if you’re reading this.

Manchester is today’s destination, and with it being a longish drive, we thought it’d be a good idea to watch a movie in the van. We settled on the questionably acted 2004 horror smash hit Saw. All seven Saw movies were on the hard drive in the van, and we realised we had seven days left of the tour, so the decision was made there and then to watch all of them over the next week.

Rob Lynch watching Saw

I have a feeling we’re going to regret this, as I remember the first one being the best one, and let me tell you this – it hasn’t stood the test of time. At least we have the appearance of nu-metal god Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington to look forward to in the final instalment.

After loading in at The Star and Garter, it was time for dinner. I decided I was going to take myself out on a date tonight, and the location was Carluccio’s. A bowl of pasta and a glass of red for one was a real treat.

Rob Lynch date for one

I’m always a bit apprehensive about gigs on Sundays, but tonight’s turnout was great and there was a real enthusiasm in the air. I sweated the most amount tonight on the tour so far, thanks to the venue’s singular spotlight with the power of the sun shining directly on me for an hour.

Allison was on top form, she has a real genuine and loveable presence on stage. Please check out her music if you’re not familiar with it.

As with any time I play in Manchester, we stayed at my friend Jez’s house. It was late, so he didn’t get his usual decimation on FIFA from me as Sunderland against him, as Manchester United. Before bed, Jonny and I, with our new found love of wrestling, decided to watch a bit of the Royal Rumble. We fell asleep after half an hour as we didn’t know who anyone was. I later found out that The Rock made a return, I would’ve like to have seen that.

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