Ticketmaster Rising: Jazz Mino is our Performer of the Month

It’s time to introduce June’s star performer, as part of Ticketmaster Rising in association with Busk in London. Jazz Mino is an emerging indie singer-songwriter, known for her charismatic charm, catchy melodies and odd shoes!

We caught up with Jazz as she spilled the beans about her lucky charms, who she looks at for inspiration as well as the ins and outs of her busking style. Read the interview below…

What artists do you look to for inspiration?
“Etta James, Johnny Cash, Lianne La Havas and Sia”

What made you want to perform in public?
“I simply love the feeling, I just always remember watching live performances and thinking how amazing must it feel to be able to do that, and give so many people such joy.”

How do you prepare before a performance?
“Rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, and make sure that I also look the part.”

Do you have any good luck charms that you have on you during a performance?
“My ukulele is my good luck charm!”

Did you begin by performing your own material or covers?
“I began performing my own material when I was 15, it has only been more recently that I’ve also enjoyed performing covers. I like to take a song that inspires me and change the style or mood.”

Who did you look to for inspiration when starting out?
“My best friend Alyse was a singer-songwriter and she initially inspired and encouraged me to start writing and performing in public.”

Do you suffer from stage fright and where does your confidence for performing come from?
“I don’t suffer from stage fright (although when I was 15 I used to). I think that I’ve always been a confident person and that shows through when I’m performing.”

What are your three favourite albums of all time?
“This Love – Maroon 5, A Night At The Opera – Queen and All Summer Long – The Beach Boys.”

How would you describe your sound/routine/act in three words?
“Vibrant, original, energetic.”

If you could tour with any act, who would it be?
“Sia, without a doubt!”

What is your dream venue to play/perform at?
“To headline at Glastonbury Festival.”

What’s the strangest thing that’s happened to you while busking?
“Somebody stood next to me and just started joining in, trying to sing backing vocals for a good 15 minutes. He was deadly serious and it was very bizarre! Otherwise, I got tipped a banana once.”

Are there any other buskers who have caught your attention?
“Yes, Susanna Silva who plays on South Bank is absolutley incredible and just has such a lovely aura.”

What would be your advice to new artists/performers/comedians starting out in busking?
“To make sure that busking is not prohibited in the area, and if possible, get a license.”

Have you any top tips for busking/live performance?
“Be yourself and treat it like you would when performing a show. Give it everything you’ve got and most importantly, enjoy yourself.”

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