Ticketmaster meets… Saint Raymond

It’s been a big year for Saint Raymond, aka Nottingham-born Callum Burrows. His single ‘Everything She Wants’ was Zane Lowe’s hottest record in the world and he played with Haim on their sold-out European dates, as well as headlining his own UK tour in May. We caught up with him at Reading Festival to see what’s next.

What was your first festival experience?

My first ever festival I think was Latitude when I was about seventeen, and I think it might still be my favourite. Apart from Glastonbury it’s the only one where I’ve gone and just enjoyed it as a fan, so it was good fun.

Who would be your dream headliners?
Oh you know it might actually start very similar to that year, ‘cause Bon Iver is like my dream headline act and he did headline the year when I was there!

So maybe Bon Iver, and then I’d have all the dead people: Michael Jackson, Tupac..

So basically Deadfest then?

Yeah make it happen! I want Deadfest tickets going on sale next year!
Who else is dead? Yeah, basically all of them…
Oh and Katy Perry!

Do you have any festival essentials?

Wet wipes. Wet wipes and bottles of water.
The ‘festival shower’ is the best thing in the world.

Who else are you looking forward to seeing?

Luckily I got to see quite a lot of people on Friday when I didn’t have a mad busy day.

Who else is playing today? Disclosure, Macklemore – I haven’t seen him before so I wanna see him. I’ve seen a lot of fur coats today, I feel like I should join in but it’s so hot!

What about festival camping? Any horror stories?

No, but I made someone else’s trip a nightmare!
We were on a stag-do to Glastonbury, so we took all his clothes and pushed him in a nettle bush, and then when he was walking back up the hill we unpegged his tent with everything in it, and threw it down the hill so when he came back everything had gone.
Also I’d fallen asleep and someone drew on my back in toothpaste and I got really p*ssed off so I filled his sleeping bag with shower gel.. Yeah, I’m a bad person!

You’ve been playing festivals all Summer, how did Reading compare to the others?

I think it has been my favourite festival to play actually, the crowd was great!
You never know what it’s going to be like crowd wise, but yeah they were amazing.

So what’s next for you?

After Reading I’m finishing my album and then I’m off on tour with Ed Sheeran in October.

Saint Raymond joins Ed Sheeran on his October tour – tickets available here.

His single ‘I Want You’ is out now.

Saint Raymond - I Want You [Official Video]