Ticket resale explained

At Ticketmaster, we are passionate about what we do; we have fierce debates about football teams, we love gigs and we have people who can re-enact practically all of their favourite theatre shows.

So we understand how much people want to be able to see their favourite team, band, artist or show and work every single day to ensure that as many genuine fans as possible are able to buy tickets to their chosen event. Unsurprisingly, we recommend that a fan’s first port of call when trying to buy tickets should be; we sell more tickets for more events than any other ticket agent. Signing up for our Ticketmaster email alerts, for example, is a great way to make sure you hear about the events that interest you first – so that you don’t miss out. Or keeping an eye on our social media channels where we try to keep fans up to date with all the latest live entertainment news.

However, sometimes fans will miss out when trying to buy tickets in the primary market. Perhaps the first they hear about it is after it has sold out. Sometimes, fans buy a ticket and their plans have changed and they can no longer attend. This is where ticket marketplaces, or resale sites, come in. Fans want resale, and at Ticketmaster we’ve made it our business to give fans what they want, which is why we offer our official resale marketplace, GET ME IN!

Setting the price
The word marketplace is very important here as GET ME IN! act as a platform for individuals to list their unwanted tickets at a price that they choose. These tickets can then be purchased by someone who is happy with that price, and might otherwise not be able to attend. Ticketmaster never sets the prices listed on GET ME IN! or diverts tickets to this site.

Once a seller has listed a ticket, the buyer makes an informed choice whether to purchase or not; the face value of the ticket is always displayed on the site so that they know how much they are paying above the face value, or indeed below. You often see stories in the media popping up about hugely inflated prices for tickets, such as £17,000 for a Rolling Stones ticket last year, but we must remember that tickets rarely sell at such prices. And if they do, this is simply the price that an individual is willing to pay to see their favourite artist. What some media reports fail to mention is that many tickets sell at face value, or sometimes even below the original price.

Speculative selling: zero tolerance
Another story that is often discussed in the media is speculative selling. This is a process where individuals list tickets before an event has even gone on sale, meaning they clearly do not possess the tickets but are hoping to do so by the time they have a buyer in place. We must be clear: we have a zero tolerance approach to speculative selling. Having a foot in both the primary ticket camp and secondary, we have clear visibility on when tickets are released. If we find anyone on our site attempting to speculatively sell, they are blocked immediately.

Protecting our customers
Although GET ME IN! is a marketplace we provide a full customer service for both buyers and sellers. Not only does this mean that there is someone at the end of the phone or replying to emails throughout the week, but if for any reason the tickets you have purchased are not correct, we’ll find you alternatives or you will get your money back. This is thanks to our pioneering Fan Guard guarantee.