Kids Week 2014: Channelling our inner zombie with Thriller Live

During Kids Week 2014, theatres throughout the West End have been running loads of cool free activities for kids to get involved in.

Never ones to shy away from a challenge, we headed down to the Lyric Theatre in London to join a group of kids who were about to learn the dance routine to one of Michael Jackson’s most iconic hits, Thriller.

The dress code was unsurprisingly zombie-chic, and not to be out done by our kiddie counterparts we enlisted the kind help of the amazing Angels Fancy Dress in London to transform our everyday selves into our zombie alter egos.


When we arrived at the Lyric, we were greeted by the Thriller Live Dance Captains, Joe and Rose who would be putting us through our paces.

To start with we were given some basic training to get us used to moving around on stage and striking a pose – something that we would later find out was an integral part of the routine.

The first half of the routine started off fairly simply (or so we thought). We were asked to channel our best inner zombie as our opening stage gambit, before building up to the infamous thriller pose.

When the pacier second half of the routine kicked in (and our knees started to give way), we had to leave it to the kids.

Thankfully they were much better at recreating Michael Jackson’s killer dance moves than we were, and by the end of the two-hour session they were able to pull off the entire routine!


It’s activities like these that really make Kids Week so special. If you’re interested in getting involved in Kids Week 2014, there’s still over a week’s worth of activities and shows to go – all the details and tickets can be found here.