What to take away from the new Taylor Swift video

She's dropped the blinged-up video for 'End Game' with Future and Ed Sheeran.

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Pop superstar Taylor Swift has revealed the new video for End Game which sees her team up with UK export Ed Sheeran and Atlanta rapper Future. The track, taken from her most recent album reputation, is a sexy, smooth R&B infused slice of pop brilliance. Swift’s video matches in style, filled with some serious bling. Taylor is living a life a decadence across the world, and has taken Sheeran and Future with her for the ride.

Partying with Ed Sheeran

Taking a trip to Tokyo, Taylor Swift takes on the arcades, the dance-mats, the karaoke, and shots with Mr Sheeran. Having downed the drinks, it’s time for a particularly brilliant mic drop by the British songwriter, before they grab the motorbikes and hit the road. So that’s partying, drinking, singing, and some seriously cool motorbikes. We’re sold on that a night out with Ed and Taylor.

The party is catered

What could be on the buffet table at a Taylor Swift party? Salad? Quinoa? Nah, it’s burger and chips. Fair enough it might not all be eaten, but if that’s the spread we can expect we’re even more in than before.

Serious bling

As well as hitting up Tokyo and London, it’s Miami where Taylor finds the most amount of bling. Hanging out with Future on a boat, of course it has the reputation logo plastered across the front in bright neon lights. There’s a pool on the deck. There’s sparkling diamond cocktail sticks. There’s a sleek white interior. We’ll have the boat please, thanks.

Neon London

Has London ever looked as cool as it does under the shine of the End Game video? We think not. The streets are drizzled in fluorescent lights, as Taylor looks undeniably awesome stood on a deserted Millennium Bridge. Seriously cool.

Watch the bling-tastic video in full below.

Taylor Swift - End Game ft. Ed Sheeran, Future

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