Scarlett Johansson starts new band with HAIM bassist

Scarlett Johanson has teamed up with HAIM bassist, Este, to start a killer new band, The Singles.

The actress-turned-musician sounds amazing in the band’s first song, Candy, which they made public via Soundcloud this weekend.

Holly Miranda, Kendra Morris and Julia Haltigan complete the all-girl line-up alongside Scarlett and Este.

An official release describes the The Singles’ sound as super-pop, while the Captain America star says: “The idea was to write super-pop dance music written and performed by girls.”

Adding: “I love Grimes. And I love the Bangles. And I love the Go-Go’s. I wanted it to be like those bands: ultra pop but also a little ironic, a little in on the joke.”

Listen to The Singles’ first track, Candy, below…

So good, right?