Royal Blood talk about turning their tour bus into a studio for new album

Royal Blood have updated everyone on the progress of their next album and follow up to 2014’s self-titled debut.

They’ve only gone and turned their tour bus into a makeshift studio.

Speaking to NME, frontman Mike Kerr said, “I built a studio in the back of our bus.” Explaining, “It’s very hard to write when everything keeps falling over because the driver’s taken a massive corner. It was our writing den – we’d have Clint Eastwood movies playing with the volume down.”

Royal Blood - Out Of The Black (Official Video)

When asked how the new record might sound, Kerr said that they ‘don’t need to reinvent the wheel’ and suggested the Brighton duo would be working to a similar budget with the similar instruments.

Given the success of their debut, we can hardly blame them!

Being questioned about when the record would be released, Kerr said simply, “when it sounds amazing”.

Depending on how their amazing-ometer works, that could mean anytime soon.