Róisín Murphy at Eventim Apollo: ‘Get ready for the darker side of disco’.

Just five months after her gig at The Roundhouse, Róisín Murphy returns to London this week with a gig at London’s Eventim Apollo.

Here are three things to expect from Róisín Murphy this Friday…

Disco beats

It’s understandable that many people still associate Róisín Murphy with Mokolo, and those disco anthems such as Sing It Back. Thankfully Róisín hasn’t moved too far away from her roots. Overpowered was disco in epic proportion, with ’80s and ’90s dancefloor influences laced throughout the album. Róisín’s latest album Hairless Toys is definitely more experimental, but still has clubbing at its heart. Amongst the grooves and distorted melodies, the funky basslines, synths and house rhythms still echo through like the back room of a venue.

Roisin Murphy Hairless Toys

Amazing outfits

Costume is deep-seated in the story of Róisín, using the chat up line “Do you like my tight sweater, see how it fits my body” to pick up fellow Moloko member Brydon in her late teens. Róisín Murphy has an outfit collection to rival Lady Gaga. Just one look at her album cover for Overpowered speaks volumes. It’s no secret that Róisín follows style not fashion, taking costume as part of her performances, so we’re sure Róisín will not fail to disappoint.

Roisin Murphy Overpowered

A sensory experience

Along with disco beats and outfit changes comes the expectation of a sensory performance like no other. Róisín is not one to replicate an album live. We expect tempo changes, vocal gymnastics and a stage scattered with props and lights. Get ready for the darker side of disco.

Róisín Murphy headlines Eventim Apollo this Friday (27 November), get remaining tickets now.