Rock newbies Veridian shake up the scene with new One Day video

Rising Reading rockers Veridian are causing quite the racket with their new video.

Despite having only been a band for a few months, Veridian have already caught the attention of the music press.

Kerrang! Radio’s Alex Baker says: “If you’re into rock music that sounds like it’s been crafted by gods in the stars then I’m sure you’re gonna love this.”

Veridian are Simon Jackman, Rob Everett, Jonny Slevin, Joe Sellers, Zak Watson and James Marshall Stack… yep there’s a lot of them, but together they’re working on something very exciting.


On their new video One Day, James Marshall Stack says: “We see One Dayas the pinnacle in development of our sound. It embraces the heavier elements whilst still capturing the emotion and power of our first singles. The video was one of the most ambitious things we have ever attempted and we’re very excited to finally be able to share it.”

Check it out here:

Veridian - One Day (Official Video)

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