Rising: Ryan Burnett tells us his top tips for new artists

Introducing our latest star performer as part of Ticketmaster Rising in association with Busk in London.

Ryan Burnett is the frontman of a four-piece rock/indie outfit from Brighton, Ryan Burnett & The Vanguards, and regular busker. We check in with the musician to talk stage fright, busking and pre-show routines. Read the full interview…

What artists do you look to for inspiration?

“Anyone who has worked their ass off to get where they want to be. What with all the “talent” shows thrown in our faces it’s becoming increasingly harder for real artists to break through. I have a lot of friends who have come from nothing to now having major success in the music industry because they’ve worked hard for a long time, they are my inspiration. I was also lucky my dad had a badass record collection growing up which had a lot to do with it!”

What made you want to perform in public?

“It was never really a case of wanting to perform in public, it was just being a good musician, practicing and writing. The idea of having to perform what you’d written to people who knew nothing about you was terrifying to me, but the more I did it, the more comfortable and enjoyable it became. It’s now my favourite element of being a musician.”

How do you prepare before a performance?

“I like to just hang with the band, have a drink, talk set lists, warm-ups, make sure I’m well hydrated and basically just be as un-rock ‘n’ roll as I can…”

Do you suffer from stage fright and where does your confidence for performing come from?

“I was eleven when I first sang and played in public at a school open evening. I played Cast No Shadow by Oasis, I don’t think I’ve ever been so frightened. The more you play, the more confidence you grow. Playing with the new band, with all new songs and nobody really knowing us yet has brought a bit of that fear back, but I think that’s healthy.”

Ryan Burnett

What are the best three places you’ve performed?

“I’ve been lucky enough to play some pretty cool places with previous bands. Highlights would probably be two sold out nights opening at Hammersmith Apollo, the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas on Halloween and selling out my first headline show at Islington Academy. They’re all up there.”

How would you describe your sound in three words?

“Melodic, indie and rock.”

Have you any top tips for busking and live performance in general?

“Don’t hold back. Especially if an ex girlfriend shows up.”

What would be your advice to new artists starting out in busking?

“Don’t always pick the busiest street as chances are people are in a rush and won’t stop to listen. Choose the right spot. If you’re a writer, always throw in your own songs around some decent covers, and play those covers in your own style.”

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