Reviewed: Oxjam launch gig 2014

One of my favourite months of the year is back! Why is it my favourite month I hear you asking? Well, actually, I’m sure you’ve guessed from the title of this article… but anyway, it’s the glorious month of OXJAM.

If you’ve not heard of Oxjam, it’s an amazing opportunity that Oxfam offer up on a plate every year. It gives people who want to get involved in the music industry a chance to test the water. Whether you are a musician or event organiser, or even if you’re none of the above and are just always keen to get involved; there is an opportunity right here for you. It’s all about bringing together local talent, and raising money in an exciting way.

So, the lovely Huw Stephens from BBC Radio 1 presented the launch the month of Oxjam. We got to see the wonderful Indiana, Bipolar Sunshine and The Ting Ting’s. With Phil Taggart, Clara Amfo, Maribou State and Pedestrian DJing!

It was at the Miranda bar underneath the Ace Hotel. Now what a cool little unexpected venue that is! Definitely pay it a visit if you have a moment. They also sell some TASTY local Camden beer too.

Now on to the music…

Firstly, Indiana – just wow, she has the voice of an angel as well as being ridiculously cool to boot. It was amazing to hear her track ‘Heart on Fire’ live as I’ve been a fan of it for a while now. She starts her UK tour at the end of this month, so I’d definitely recommend that you get involved.


I absolutely loved Clara Amfo, she was playing some absolute bangers. Also, how cool is this picture of her?

Clara Amfo

Next up, Bipolar Sunshine – I absolutely loved this performance. I caught him at Bestival, and the whole of the Big Top stage was jam packed. To see him in such a small, underground bar felt pretty special. I love the sound of his voice; it has a quirky individual edge to it that I haven’t heard before. And ohhh, the guitar, I am in love with the guitar playing – particularly in the track ‘Rivers’, which has so many atmospheric groovy effects going on. This is definitely one of those tracks that I’m going to listen to on repeat for the next few weeks.

You need to see Bipolar Sunshine live. Have a listen below:

Bipolar Sunshine - Rivers

bipolar sunshine

The Ting Ting’s – I remember trying to see these guys at Reading festival in 2008, when their set on the NME stage was absolutely, ridiculously packed. I remember hearing ‘That’s Not My Name’ from the very edge of the tent. It was great. They are one of those bands that you can’t help but love how upbeat and pop-y they are.

Then, on our way out we bumped into the lead singer of Bipolar Sunshine, what a lovely guy he was! Here’s a picture of me and him and, as you can see, his hair was so awesome that it even had its own halo.


Now, I hope that this has inspired you to either hunt down your local gig, quickly organise one in your local pub, or to generally raise a bit of money for charity.

If you want to experience the sound of The Ting Tings live, the band is touring in October and November. See the Ticketmaster tour page here for more information on dates and gig venues.