Reviewed: Jungle @ Battersea Power Station, London

To start off, I realised I made two schoolboy outdoor music event errors – 1. wearing sandals (they broke 10 minutes after getting off the underground) and 2. dungarees (portaloo nightmare).  That aside, the event was a combination of atmospheric, eerie and wonderful.

With so much hype buzzing around Jungle, and their track ‘The Heat’ (recently BBC Radio 1’s track of the day), it is clear they are going to hit the big time and are already well on their way.

The build up to their stage appearance was created by a band I’d not heard of before (but now will be frequently checking up on) – Beaty Heart. I really enjoyed the sounds they were creating, you can see why they supported Jungle – they are two bands that pay so much attention to the specific sounds they use in their music, and that’s what makes them both so intriguing to listen to.

When Jungle started setting up, I noticed glass bottles strung up together as an instrument. You know something strange is going to happen when you see that – oh it did, and it was amazing! As they waited to start their set, an absolutely insane and completely unexpected 3D graphics display was projected onto the power station. I was going to struggle putting into words how impressive it was technically and visually, but found the perfect video of it created by Heineken themselves.

Heineken Ignites London, Battersea Power Station

I didn’t realise the number of people that were in Jungle, it was amazing to see so many people on the stage come together so mesmerizingly. Their sound spookily echoed off the high walls of the power station and into the crowd. Overall, it was an incredible event – Heineken, when’s the next one?!