Review: Tove Lo bares all in London

Off the back of her sensual recent full-length Lady Wood, Swedish songstress Tove Lo teams up with the flamboyant Sink The Pink LGBTQI extravaganza for an all out attack on the senses.

Taking to the stage for a short 30-minute performance, Tove Lo is greeted by a cross-section of her expanding fan base, united by a colourfully dressed, glitter-dripping army. It’s the perfect backdrop for her on-stage confidence, both in sound and performance.

Her stage presence is as sultry as her tones, gliding around between empowering nods to the crowd. The tracks from Lady Wood resonate around the boldly decorated yet intimate Bethnal Green venue, in equal parts celebratory and unashamedly personal.

Tracks such as Influence and Cool Girl balance the gentle experimental moments with all-out pop hooks, occasionally reminiscent of Lady Gaga’s intricate song writing. It’s matched in show-woman-ship, a celebration of herself and liberating individualism.

Tove Lo - Cool Girl (Part of Fairy Dust)

Providing a short snapshot into Tove Lo’s increasingly exciting repertoire, tonight is as much about cementing her style as it is showcasing her material. Far from exclusive, her sound easily appeals to a huge range of fans, all unified by her brilliant pop.

Tove Lo is on the rise, and as her excellent slice of 2014 pop brilliance Stay High (Habits) closes her set, it’s easy to see why.

Tove Lo will return to the UK in March 2017. Tickets are on sale now via