Review: The Xcerts sing until their lungs give out in London

“Just sing until your lungs give out; that’s the deal,” says The Xcerts frontman, Murray Macleod.

The charming trio haven’t even played their opening song by this point, but that doesn’t stop the Scottish singer laying down his only demand of the night.

It’s an emotional headline set as the Aberdeen/Exeter three-piece bring the very best of their 2014 release, There Is Only You, to the capital.

“This is for anyone who’s as terrified of falling in love as me,” Murray says, speaking like best pals to the packed-out Borderline before strumming the first chords of Kevin Costner.

“That’s the most emo thing I’ve ever said on stage,” he adds, hanging his head with a small creased smile. “But it’s true.”

He needn’t worry about showing so much emotion really, given that tracks like Kick It, Shaking In The Water and She tell us so much about what’s behind his songwriting. A quick glance at the frontman’s tightened eyes and full-throttle guitar playing confirms he can only be singing from the heart.

The Xcerts London Ticketmaster blog review

In fact, there’s rarely a song that goes by which doesn’t have you casting your mind back to moments when every lyric was relevant to your own life. Just me? Perhaps. Although the cheering between songs suggest these album tracks hold a special place in the hearts of most fans.

A totally unplugged rendition of Aberdeen 1987 is enough to raise goosebumps on the most hardened skin, before the 2014 title track pulls on every heartstring in the venue for the big finale.

Who says you need all the pyro in the world to deliver a headline set worthy of Wembley? With songs like these, The Xcerts could probably conquer the world. Although they settle for Central London tonight.

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