Review: Seven things that made us smitten with Boardmasters 2015

Fashion Blogmaster, Sophie Eggleton, reports from Boardmasters Festival 2015. Expect sunsets, new music and total sea view envy…

Boardmasters review Sophie Eggleton Ticketmaster

1. Prides

There are a lot of bands that play it cool, or rather a bit too cool, looking nonchalant (and snarly) and like they’d rather be anywhere else than performing. However, Prides were exuberant with happiness playing the Main Stage on Sunday, and weren’t afraid to make it completely transparent to the crowd, who were mirroring with complete jubilance – one of the most joyful sets of the entire weekend.

Boardmasters review Sophie Eggleton Ticketmaster

2. Foodie Delights

Festivals have long been famed for their unhealthy and often unpleasant food stalls, but times have changed, with Boardmasters providing a particularly varied and delicious array of eating options. They had everything you could ever dream of –  a stall that provided gateau, cheesecake and pavlova, Katsu curry’s and burgers, the best Mac and Cheese you’ve ever had (sprinkled with jalapeños and bacon bits), snow cones….there was even a Domino’s stall for those who were unwilling to abandon their usual weekend rituals.

Boardmasters review Sophie Eggleton Ticketmaster

3. Dancing

There were various spots scattered through the festival that were conducive to a good bit of boogieing. The main stage gifted us with sets from the likes of Faithless, Rudimental and Clean Bandit, but it was the Relentless’ Point DJ area, with it’s unbeatable view of the beach (and sunset) that gave you that unique clubbing euphoria…. Who needs Ibiza?

Boardmasters review Sophie Eggleton Ticketmaster

4. The Beautiful People

If you are on the hunt for romance and have a penchant for the beachy hair, a honed and tanned physique – the stereotypical surfer aesthetic –  then this may well be the destination for you. However, If you are turned off by excess amounts of glitter and face paint then your chances of success will have been heavily reduced.

Boardmasters review Sophie Eggleton Ticketmaster

5. Location

Both Fistral Beach and Watergate Bay sites provided opportunities for some very Instagram-worthy shots. Admittedly they looked more spectacular on sun drenched Saturday as opposed to showery Sunday, but the beauty of Cornwall cannot be ignored. There was also an ingenious hotspot where people could pose within a massive ghetto blaster, an opportunity which was utilised by snap happy punters most of the weekend.

Boardmasters review Sophie Eggleton Ticketmaster

6. Sunset Sons

Due to an unfortunate travel issue Arrested Development had to drop out of their Main Stage performance, meaning that Sunset Suns gained a slot higher up the line-up. Having witnessed an intimate performance in the VIP area the previous day I knew they would more than cope with the prime time position. The surf loving Aus/Brit four-piece were the perfect band to pep up what was a rather grey Sunday. Future headliners, perhaps?

Boardmasters review Sophie Eggleton Ticketmaster

7. Notable Newbies

The festival was awash with upcoming, emerging, and hotly tipped artists, gracing all stages throughout the weekend. Radio 1 favourite, Rhodes, was charmingly unassuming but evocative on the Main Stage, but there were also more intimate sets at the likes of the View stage and VIP bar. On the Maverick Stage, Twin Wild made some energised revellers extremely happy with their winning formula of catchy rock and The Lounge Kittens continued their festival season triumph bring cheekiness, sassiness, spot on harmonies and some hilariously inappropriate stories to the Keg and Pasty stage.

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