Review: Metallica continue their reign with 10th album

Stadium veterans Metallica are set to release their 10th album, marking 35 years as a band.

Unceremoniously bursting into opener and semi-title track Hardwired, double album Hardwired… To Self-Destruct holds little back. Brimming with Metallica’s characteristic anger, the record is dominated by a particularly poignant and notably relentless ferocity.

Tracks weave through James Hetfield’s distinctive vocal delivery and Metallica’s masterful instrumentation, dominated by an abundance of lengthy guitar solos. The typically brutal pace, undoubtedly familiar to long-time fans, underpins both.

Confident in their established sound, Hardwired… To Self-Destruct still allows some room for Metallica to rediscover the broader sounds that have projected them towards their current stardom. Dream No More presents an altogether more sludgy sound, but it is album closer Spit Out The Bone that provides a thunderous climax. It’s an end to a record that continuously builds in both force and quality.

When Metallica manoeuvre out of their norm, they showcase a newfound level of unpredictability. Yet throughout, the record demonstrates their ever-present influence on modern contemporaries, effortless cementing their continued reign.

Those expecting a Metallica ballad won’t find one here. Instead the relentless anger is palpable, built into the song titles and their unambiguous message.

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