Review: Gin Wigmore is set for stardom after Soho showcase

Gin Wigmore, The Black Dice, 10/06/15

We don’t know about you, but we’re already excited for rock ‘n’ roll-fuelled New Zealander, Gin Wigmore, to release her third studio album, Blood to Bone, later on this year via Island Records.

Over 10,000 miles from home she set up stage at a small underground bar in Soho, encapsulating the small number of guests with her rugged vocals. Her gravelly voice, alongside her sincere words and tattooed sleeve, seemed fitting for the somewhat dingy atmosphere that naturally accompanies an underground bar.

Gin Wigmore - New Rush (Official Video)

From appearing in an advert with Daniel Craig, to scoring a multi-platinum selling album (2011’s Gravel & Wine), it seems surprising that Gin Wigmore isn’t a name that’s instantly recognised. There’s certainly light in the distance, as Island Records have picked her up again for the first time since 2008 when they released her debut EP, Extended Play.

Tonight’s performance was nothing less than intense, yet was outlined by a carefree and humorous attitude – a charming contrast, if you ask us. Before her most sombre song, she stated with a smile on her face: ‘This is a pretty morbid song, suitable for events such as a funeral’, which was met by a few subtle chuckles from the audience.

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