Review: Don Broco are born headliners at O2 Academy Brixton

The supporting acts at O2 Academy Brixton on this chilled Sunday evening are a real mixed bag, but it’s hardly surprising given that headliners Don Broco draw support from across varied genres.

Symmetry are reminiscent of an era of years gone by, and despite the room not being yet at full capacity, they’re infectious enough to get people moving. Arcane Roots simply don’t give a damn and you know what? That sets the tone. They bring their own brand of eclectic eccentricism to the table and it simply couldn’t go down any better. Coasts also manage to impress, dishing up their own crowd-pleasing blend of indie antics.


But in the nicest possible way, tonight simply belongs to Don Broco. Anyone here tonight might be inclined to be sceptical of anyone who ever claims to see “something special” at a show ever again. Not content to provide the generic, run of the mill experience to fans, the Bedford four-piece well and truly bring the house down here in London.

Appearing on stage dressed entirely in white, you’d be forgiven for any confusion involving ’90s flashbacks or boyband delusions. But these guys know exactly what they’re doing, and as they launch into an almost choreographed set (literally, in parts), it’s very clear that this plays into the very heart of their ‘brand’. Part ironic, part just being the Lad Bible with guitars; this is rock for a versatile generation which isn’t afraid to break the mould.


Of course, the music and sound itself isn’t lacking. With tunes as catchy as theirs; it’s understandable why their presence on stage needs to be so goddamn bouncy. We’re even treated to some festive surprises; such as a Rage Against The Machine instrumental – everyone is catered to. People literally love this lot – bowing (again, literally, at one stage), to their every command. It’s all in good fun.

It’s the production which well and truly steals the show, however. Complete with palm trees (seriously), fireworks (again, not lying) and even bigger treat right at the end, to use the word ‘ambitious’ would be an understatement.


Perhaps the most breathtaking aspect of the entire thing is the string quartet which appears in the final moments. Four angelic, ethereal and most importantly *talented* women dressed in white perform effortlessly with the Broco repertoire.

This show has been highly anticipated; and it’s not without warrant. Rounding off this, their first major headlining tour of second record Automatic, there’s nothing to say other than that it’s been a resounding success.


From their marketing through to their execution, these guys are that little bit different. Our advice? Don’t ever write them off, because they’ll come back stronger – and we’re simply wondering what’s next in store.

Don Broco, O2 Academy Brixton, 13/12/15

Words: Claire Louise Sheridan

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