Review: City and Colour make things magical at London’s Troxy

Dallas Green, aka City and Colour, creates a rainbow of feelings at East London art-deco venue Troxy with his powerful live show.

A great way to spend your Friday night is definitely at a City and Colour show. The room is buzzing with punters still in awe of support act Lucy Rose as Dallas Green and co take to the stage under a blood of lights and colour. And so the emotional scene is set.


Hardcore-turned-folk musician with a love for a play of words

Dallas Green is the talent behind City and Colour. The alias is quite simply, and geniusly, a play on his own name. Dallas, a city, and green, the colour. This tour sees the former Alexisonfire man tour in support of City and Colour’s fifth studio album, If I Should Go Before You. His post-hardcore background isn’t at all obvious from tonight’s gig, with his guitar producing mellow folk sounds. Who doesn’t love such a versatile artist? The Canadian musician also collaborated with American singer Pink for their project You+Me. It’s safe to say that everything he touches turns to gold and tonight is no exception.

Old stuff, new stuff, but all great stuff

“Back to life, back to reality” sounds through the speakers before the main set, earning a chuckle here and there but mostly the crowd are swaying and singing along to the Soul II Soul hit. Nothing like a bit of RnB to start your Friday evening. The room is then flooded in swirling, twinkling lights and technicolour. The start to the set is quite mellow and easy with Thirst from City and Colour’s fourth studio album The Hurry and the Harm. The crowd listens adoringly as Green performs Killing Time with nothing but maracas and his voice echoing on from the title track of his new album, If I Should Go Before You Go. We also get treated to some of the older stuff like a reworked version of Hello, I’m In Delaware and the encore acoustic of Body In A Box. Green ends his triumphant show at London’s Troxy with The Girl and As Much As I Ever Could; the standout classics from 2008’s Bring Me Your Love.


A story about London for London

Green isn’t one for breaking the sound with unnecessary conversation during the evening. He does, however, tell us a story for his loyal London fanbase. “I was just thinking about the time I played the Barfly in Camden,” he says, greeted by a whoop from the room. “No, no”, he continues “ there were only like six people there and I had lost my voice. I was just thinking about how crazy it is that that was about 11 years ago. Thank you so much for sticking with me.” And the crowd collectively cheered in appreciation as if to say “We love you, too, man!”.


With another stunning setlist cemented in time, this night is one that City and Colour fans won’t forget.

Green’s enchanting vocals flourish under rainbow-like production as his emotionally-charged lyrics drive the journey through a dreamlike state. Few give us goosebumps quite like City and Colour.

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