Review: Brand New look ahead to new album at Albert Hall

There are occasional moments at shows that have you stood in complete awe with chills running down your spine. As Jesse Lacey graces the Albert Hall stage tonight, picks up his guitar and strums the first chords of Soco Amaretto Lime, it’s clear that tonight will be built on these kind of moments.

The evening kicks off with Basement, who have the difficult job of opening the show. The melodic hardcore band from Ipswich have been around the block more than enough times to take it all in their stride, which they do with a trio of Pine, Crickets Throw Their Voices and Covet to close.

Tonight though, it’s all about Brand New. Following a surprising solo performance, the rest of the Long Island band join Lacey on stage and launch into a flurry of hits from 2009’s Daisy including Vices and Gasoline. Whilst Daisy may be the album that leaves Brand New fans divided, it isn’t evident within the room.

The Archers Bows Have Broken and Sic Transit Gloria… Glory Fades see a crowd that’s spoiling for a good time completely lose it, with the beautifully designed hall quickly turning into an aggressive mosh pit. Okay I Believe You, but My Tommy Gun Don’t and Seventy Times 7 bring even bigger reactions from the crowd as things push on.

With the band departing the stage again, Jesse takes a rare moment to speak to the crowd, “We have a new record coming out… sometime before most people in this room die. This song will be on it.” From there, Sealed to Me – a song that was debuted earlier this year – hits just as hard as any other. Let’s just hope we’re all alive long enough to hear the record…

As the set continues, fan favourites such as Jesus Christ, Sowing Season and You Won’t Know close out proceedings.

The band play for an hour and forty-five minutes, and there isn’t a single moment that the crowd aren’t completely backing them. There’s a reason Brand New still have such a dedicated following despite not releasing a new record in six years, and tonight’s show is all the proof you need.

Words: Daniel Rourke
Brand New, Albert Hall, Manchester, 10/09/15