Review: Amber Run pull out all the stops at Scala, London

Tonight’s headline set begins with the definitive drum beat of See You Soon. From there, the boys in Amber Run wield their floppy hair like warriors heading for battle; with frontman Joe shrieking down the mic at every opportunity.

Fresh from the news that their debut album, 5am, landed in the Top 40, the atmosphere feels doubly electric.

The title track itself is full of emotion on the Scala stage, while Joe’s tightly-clenched prove hard to miss as he engrosses himself in every lyric.

“It’s time to get up!” he yells, after what feels like a severely pensive section of the show.

Amber Run review

The energy is locked back on maximum in time for Good Morning and Spark, with the excitable singer finally gaining momentum with fans. “Do you want to lose your mind with me?” he continues.

“We have some special guests with us,” Joe then announces before the finale, as the band are joined by a full choir for I Found.

Downing instruments for the final verses, the intimate venue is filled with song; the crowd acting as second choir without much persuasion.

An encore and Heaven and Noah ends the night, leaving most fans mesmerised. Myself included.

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