Review: Alex Lahey @ Boston Music Room, London

She rounds off her tour with three more headline show this week.

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Emerging from her native Australia, Alex Lahey’s sound straddles a wide breadth of styles, all in some way representative of her home country. Nods to her home are abundant, both in the sometimes carefree surf sounds of the likes of Every Day’s The Weekend to the more overt lyrics of Perth Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Her brilliant debut album, I Love You Like A Brother, walks the line between youthful jubilance and crippling honesty. This is on display throughout her live show, as Alex Lahey plays all but one of the tracks at London’s Boston Music Room. She approaches the delicacy of relationships on Awkward Exchange, wanderlust on Backpack, and self-realisation on I Haven’t Been Taking Care Of Myself.

Alex Lahey - Every Day's The Weekend (Official Video)


Lahey’s music unfolds like a vibrant diary. Self-reflection is paired up with the sheer enjoyment of life. There’s a sun-soaked side to her sound that perfectly captures both. Not least on the stunning ode to simple love Wes Anderson, taken from her B-Grade University EP, that showcases her lyrical prowess.

A particularly upbeat version of Natalie Imbruglia-via-Ednaswap’s Torn (Lahey acknowledges Imbruglia’s is not the original) pushes the energy levels further up. Lahey introduces the track as the unofficial Australian national anthem, much to the crowd’s delight.

Alex Lahey - Wes Anderson (Official Video)


Ending the evening with You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me, it’s a good mantra for Alex Lahey. Perhaps on the surface a young punk-meets-rock-meets-pop-meets-indie star might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Yet with her lyrical honesty, clear love for life, and her immediately infectious on-stage charm, Alex Lahey is easily converting the masses.

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Photo by: Giulia McGauran