QUIZ: Can you guess the year based on the band photo?

We're taking you on a trip down memory lane, but don't let your brain fool you.

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We all remember when Taylor Swift had those iconic long golden locks, but can you remember the year? And just when did Little Mix‘s Jade Thirlwall have red velvet hair? And when in the ’70s did The Who look so youthful, hanging out in a garden?

If you know what year Guns N’ Roses‘ Axl Rose was rocking that iconic mohawk, then you’re one step towards acing our quiz. There are some stellar throwbacks coming your way, including ’90s boyband poses, big ’80s hair and ’00s style-choices many probably still have hidden away in their closets.

Get ready to reminisce, and test your knowledge and see whether you can match the band photo with the year it was taken.