Q&A: Superheaven gear up for their UK invasion with Every Time I Die

US grungers Superheaven are limbering up for a support stint around the UK this month, as they join Every Time I Die for an intense 14-date tour.

Ahead of their British invasion, we checked in with frontman Taylor Madison to talk setlists, winning over new crowds and tour life.

Superheaven - Next To Nothing (Official Video)

Read the quick-fire Q&A here…

You’re in the UK with Every Time I Die as of next week, how’re you feeling about the shows?

“I’m not really sure what to expect, but we’re definitely looking forward to it. We’ve played the UK many times, and it’s always great.”

Your grunge sound is pretty distinctive to those that are already familiar, but is there still any pressure to win over new crowds during support tours?

“Yeah, absolutely. I’d argue that that’s really the only reason to do support tours. The whole point is to play in front of a bunch of people that probably have never heard your music, and turn them into fans. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t.”

How has the release of Ours Is Chrome impacted your setlist? 

“It just makes it a little more difficult to decide which songs we want to play. When you only have one LP released, it’s a lot easier. But throwing 11 new songs into the mix changes that… but it’s fine. More potential variety, I suppose.”

Superheaven - I've Been Bored (Official Video)

And what’s the response to the album been like in general? 

“I try not to pay too much attention to that stuff. A lot of bands get hung up on that, I think, and it changes their perspective on how they operate. But as far as I can tell, people seem to like it, I guess. No one has come up to me and said “yo, this sucks,” so I guess it’s good enough.”

You toured pretty relentlessly after the release of Jar and now since Ours Is Chrome, how do you find life on the road? Has it changed much to when you started out?

“I’m sure any touring musician would agree that it can be the best thing ever, and at times, the worst thing ever. It all really depends on the tour, the day, how the show goes, etc. But we all know how to enjoy ourselves, even when things aren’t going great. It’s just part of it.”

For anyone going to one of the ETID dates that hasn’t heard of you yet, what can they expect? 

“Loud rock music. ” 

There you have it. Catch Superheaven on tour with Every Time I Die in the UK between 6 – 21 November, book remaining tickets now at