Preview: Deftones ‘prove they’ve still got plenty to say’

While there wasn’t any doubt that Deftones‘ new album was going to be anything less than, well, great, there’s a subconscious relief that comes with knowing that on their eighth studio album, Gore, the Sacramento rockers have proved they’ve still got plenty to say. 

Not only did the 2016 release land comfortably at Number 5 in the UK album charts, it went ahead and reinforced everything I love about Deftones. For me, theirs is an almost-haunting vulnerability that echoes through each layer of riffs and hair-raising distortion.  

Ahead of their rescheduled show at SSE Arena, Wembley on 3 June and their sub-headliner slot at Download Festival 2016, it’s exciting to know that Deftones are stepping out with such a strong set of new songs some 20-odd-years since their first album (1995’s Adrenaline).

Thankfully all 46 minutes and 14 seconds of Gore is laced with the confident and commanding essence that has steered most of their back catalogue. Chino Moreno’s vocals soar much like they do on Diamond Eyes and Rocket Skates, while the spirit of new tracks like Prayers/Triangles, Xenon and Doomed User feel like an assured step up, even from 2012’s Koi No Yokan.

Deftones - Prayers/Triangles (Official Music Video)

Don’t be fooled though, Gore is somewhat of a grower. Something Chino has suggested to be intentional in recent interviews. But while the record develops and expands with each listen, their live show is one that makes instant impact. Without much in the way of stage production and OTT pyro, Deftones are a live band that translate universally, and it always feels so god darn effortless. 

At Wembley, they return triumphant. Gore has officially gone down a treat with fans and critics alike, which means the band can surely bask in its success somewhat. We doubt they’ll be anything less than their usual understated selves, but the grooves of Gore are smooth enough to encapsulate a venue as big as SSE Arena, Wembley with or without added ego.

Predictability isn’t something I’d associate with Deftones but when it comes to their live show, I’m happy to put all my eggs in one basket.

What. A. Band.

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