First play: Nineteen Fifty Eight unveil It’s All You video

Say hello to rising Swansea outfit, Nineteen Fifty Eight.

With a sound that tickets all the same boxes as early Tonight Alive, this fresh-faced five-piece have just unveiled their new video for It’s All You exclusively with the Ticketmaster Blog.

Nineteen Fifty Eight

The new track comes from 2015 EP, When Will I Get To You, recorded with legendary Welsh producer Romesh Dodangoda (Lower Than Atlantis, Bring Me The Horizon, Funeral For A Friend). Since then, they’ve gone and caught the attention of industry tastemakers including Radio 1’s Huw Stephens.

Check out Nineteen Fifty Eight’s new video for It’s All You below, and scroll down for a full interview with the band…

Nineteen Fifty Eight - It's All You (Official Music Video)

This is the first video from your When Will I Get You EP, what’s the response to the EP been like so far?

“The response so far has been awesome, definitely better than we imagined when we were recording it. We’ve had air play on a bunch of radio stations including Radio 1 with Huw Stephens which was a huge achievement for us! We were also lucky enough to be funded by a Kickstarter campaign so even before the EP was released we had people backing it. We’re extremely grateful for all the support we’ve had so far!”

How did growing up around the Welsh music scene impact you as musicians?

“The Welsh music scene is an amazing platform for local bands to begin their career. We’ve been fortunate enough to play a handful of Welsh music events and festivals and they’ve been some of the best shows we’ve been part of! There’s a great sense of community and growing up in a scene that has produced so many amazing bands really inspired us to pursue a career in music.”

As a band, what are your other key influences outside the Welsh scene?

“We’ve always been heavily influenced by bands that can put on a massive show and festival bands in particular. We’d love to become a successful festival band in the future!”

You’ve been playing live shows since 2014, what’s been the biggest learning curve so far?

“The biggest learning curve so far has been finding the balance between quality of performance and stage presence. It’s important to make sure the crowd is having as good a time as you are! Putting on a good show all round is important to us.”

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