Playlist: The Lion and The Wolf chooses his tour tracks

With British singer-songwriter The Lion and the Wolf supporting Kevin Devine on his current tour, we asked him to let us know some of his favourite tracks to listen to on the road.

“The fact that, to me personally, it feels like it’s come full circle,” Tom George, AKA The Lion and the Wolf, says when asked what he’s most looking forward to about supporting Kevin Devine. “I played one of my first shows with Kevin and now to be opening for him on his UK tour is a real honour.”

It’s also an opportunity to stimulate conversation. “I am very interested to hear his thoughts and feelings on the recent election in the US.”

His support slot comes following last year’s release of the stunning The Cardiac Hotel, his follow-up to the equally sultry debut, Symptoms.

The Lion & The Wolf - 'The Pinching Point' (Official Video)

As Tom gears up to kick off the tour, which also sees stateside songwriter Laura Stevenson on the bill, we asked The Lion and the Wolf for five tracks that will see him through the journey between venues.

Julien Baker – Blacktop
“I was told about this record when I was in NYC walking around for a week after playing Fest. It always reminds me of how good 2015 was for me.”

Julien Baker "Blacktop" Live @ 939

Pinegrove -Cadmium
“I was again on tour when I first heard Pinegrove and remember being in Duisburg, Germany when their Audiotree session came out. This song in particular is so hard hitting.”

Pinegrove - Cadmium - Audiotree Live (3 of 8)

Foxing – Rory
“Back to Fest, I walked into a random venue and saw the end of Foxing’s set and they played this song. It was this intense cocktail of energy and emotion that really stuck with me.

Foxing "Rory" (Official Music Video)

Daniel Romano – Two Pillow Sleeper
“My best friend introduced me to Daniel Romano. She played me his country record Come cry with Me when I was living in London so it always reminds me of staying in London with her between tours.

DANIEL ROMANO - Two Pillow Sleeper

Toto – Hold the Line
“Probably the song that most reminds me of “partying” on tour (which I don’t really do anymore to be honest). The amount of times I’ve heard this song on tour whilst in a venue feels unparalleled. It’s such a hit!”

Toto - Hold The Line (Official Video)

Catch The Lion and the Wolf on tour with Kevin Devine and Laura Stevenson across the UK now. Tickets for their London date at The Dome are available through