Playlist: Bowling For Soup share their top 10 Christmas songs

Who better to take charge of our Christmas playlist than self-confessed festive fanatic and Bowling For Soup frontman, Jaret Reddick.

Jaret reveals his top 10 Christmas songs here…

1. The Eagles – Please Come Home for Christmas

“I love the Eagles. Always have. They taught me about harmony and musical diversity within a group. I just don’t see how Don Henley’s voice doesn’t just make everyone calm down… I’ll bet he could cure anxiety if he wanted to!”

2. Jarinus – Happy Holidays A**hole

Jarinus - Happy Holidays Asshole

“We left this one non-holiday specific. I feel so sorry for cousin Steve.”

3. John Lennon – Happy Christmas (War is Over)

HAPPY XMAS (WAR IS OVER). (Ultimate Mix, 2020) John & Yoko Plastic Ono Band + Harlem Community Choir

“I don’t even reckon this is a Christmas song, as much as it is a “Yoko Ono’s voice isn’t making me want to kill an elf” kind of song. But it is a classic. And one of the three thousand reasons John Lennon was the greatest ever!”

4. The Kinks – Father Christmas

The Kinks- Father Christmas

“I didn’t even know this song existed until BFS did a Christmas song for a compilation. We ended up releasing it on our Christmas album as well, but there is an angst and a desperation to the original. Really cool idea.”

5. Bowling For Soup – Even Santa Needs a Break Sometimes

Bowling For Soup - "Even Santa Needs A Break Sometimes" Lyric Video

“Those are my older kids, Emma and Jack; at the time they are 9 and 6. Now they are almost 13 and 10…man… enjoy your kiddos. It goes REALLY fast… listen to these two doing some acting!”

6. People On Vacation – It Must be Christmas

People On Vacation - It Must Be Christmas (Lyric Video)

“It was hard for me to pick a POV song for this list. To be honest, I think our Christmas album is pretty perfect, and any of the songs could have been on here. That said, this was our first and I love this sentiment. It is sweet and heart felt and… well… Christmassy!”

7. Band Aid – Do The Know It’s Christmas

Do they Know it's Christmas ~ Band Aid 1984

“I remember when this song came out. I really didn’t know any of the bands at the time except Culture Club and Wham; they were huge in the US. Again, this isn’t really a HAPPY Christmas song, but the message is clear. Most of us don’t have it all that bad. Try and do something awesome for someone else this Christmas. Someone that otherwise, might not get anything.”

8. Twisted Sister – Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Twisted Sister - Oh Come All Ye Faithful

“Again, I had to pick at least one song from Twisted Sister. I thought their idea to do a metal Christmas album was genius. I picked this one because as I was listening through, it hit me that they are essentially re-doing “We’re Not Gonna Take It!” GENIUS!”

9. Blink 182 – I Won’t Be Home For Christmas

blink-182 - I Won't Be Home For Christmas (Lyrics)

“To be honest, I picked this one to add some ‘coolness’ to my list. I needed at least one other pop punk band on here!”

10. Neil Diamond – The Little Drummer Boy

The Little Drummer Boy - Neil Diamond

“My parents and I wore the Neil Diamond Christmas albums out. We still do. This is what we put on when we open gifts every year. I took them to see him recently and it was amazing!”

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