Palm Reader tell tmBlog their must-see gigs of 2015

Palm Reader have been carving their place in the British hardcore scene for some time now, so it’s safe to say they know a thing or two about gigging around the UK.

Ahead of the release of their brilliant second album, Beside The Ones We Love, on 6 April, we caught up with Palm Reader bassist, Josh “Posh” Redrup, to find out which shows he can’t wait to see this year. He’ll probably be too busy slaying the music industry to go himself, but never mind.

“I’ve been trying to see this band live for ages now; we’ve played festivals with them, they’ve played locally but something always gets in the way. The three singles they’ve released off their new record, Two Hands, have more riffs, hooks and groove than anything else you’ll hear this year. Paired with the fact they’ve just got off tour with Death From Above 1979, their headline tour demands your attention.”

Turbowolf - Nine Lives

Russian Circles
“I first saw Russian Circles at the Scala with Deafheaven a few years back when they were touring Empros. How a three-piece instrumental band can sound that huge and pull it off live is next level. They’re playing a one-off in Bristol at the Exchange of all places, a brilliant venue and I’m so annoyed I won’t be able make it.”

Comeback Kid
“Comeback Kid are one of the first hardcore bands I ever fell in love with after hearing their 2005 release, Wake the Dead. As if you actually needed anymore reason to see this legendary band, they’re bringing over Bane and My Iron Lung with them! Holy shit the bed. They’re playing the Garage towards the end of May as well as Slam Dunk festival. Prepare to stage dive.”

Comeback Kid - Wasted Arrows

Deathwish Fest
“When this happened in the States every hardcore kid in the world was ready to book plane tickets over. Now Deathwish are bringing a condensed version to the UK, I’ve already got my ticket but now can’t go due to tour. Livid. Converge are by far one of the best bands you’ll ever see live, backed up by a ridiculous line-up of Trap Them, Harms Way, YAITW and the UK’s own Bossk, you’d be and idiot not to attend. Harsh but true.”

Modern Life Is War - D.E.A.D.R.A.M.O.N.E.S.

Temples Festival
“Imagine taking Deathwish fest and adding a shit load of the gnarliest hardcore, metal, prog and stoner bands the world has to offer, and you’ve got Temples Festival. Only in its second year and boasting possibly the best festival line-up this year and in the awesome city of Bristol.”

Converge - "Aimless Arrow"

Palm Reader’s new album, Beside The Ones We Love, is out on 6 April. The band will also be supporting Will Haven across the UK in May – get tickets now.