One Direction’s hiatus, career and future according to Scott Mills

Following news that One Direction are to take an extended hiatus, we turned to one man who knows them better than most.

Here, DJ and 1D-favourite, Scott Mills shares his thoughts on the band’s amazing career-to-date and their future…

What do you make of 1D’s decision to take at least a year out? 

“It doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the band. Hopefully they will come back at some point fresher and better than ever. Look at Take That! I think it’s entirely possible that they could do what they have done and people would still go to the concerts. There are only a few bands that could sell out stadiums 15/20 years after they were first around, and One Direction will be one of them.”

Scott Mills and One Direction


Did you have any sign that they were thinking of making the decision? 

“If you think about it, five years is an incredibly long time to be on top and they deserve a break. It’s been pretty much relentless since 2010 and anybody with a schedule like they have would struggle. 

“I’ve noticed recently that they’ve been feeling quite caged. Both Liam and Niall have pleaded with people to stop following them and asked the paparazzi to stop chasing them; Niall was on my Radio 1 a few weeks ago saying that the paps go to chase them is dangerous. 

“I’ve heard they have to stay in different hotels to the ones they actually say they’re in, and that sometimes they even get taken in boats out at sea to escape the noise just so they are able to sleep! The constant hysteria must be draining.”

What do you think 1D’s biggest career highlight has been?

“I think their biggest achievement is to have maintained the level of success they’ve had while changing their sound – they’ve developed from quite a ‘safe’ boyband sound to a more mature pop-rock stadium band.”

Scott Mills and One Direction


And they chose you to host 1D Day in 2013,  what was it like to work with them?

1D day was brilliant! It was eight hours of live TV with the band and it broke Internet records. I’ve worked with the boys a lot over the last five years and I feel really honoured that they often ask me to interview them. I get on with them very well and they trust me, and in turn so do the fans.  I’d like to interview them again soon to find out more of what’s going on!”

Any thoughts on what solo projects they’ll be working on next?

“Apparently Harry is being lined up as a movie star and I think he’d be a great actor! There are talks of various solo projects but also you have to remember that going solo from the biggest band of the time doesn’t necessarily always work out. Remember Mark Owens solo career… 

“They are phenomenon and whatever happens, they will have world’s best teams around them and incredible support from their fans. I’ve not doubt they will continue be a success – whether as a band or as individuals!”

One Direction’s On The Road Again tour hits the UK next month.