New Track: Julien Baker – Funeral Pyre

Julien Baker celebrates signing to Matador Records by unveiling Funeral Pyre, part of our New Track series on Ticketmaster.

Having stopped the world in its tracks with the heart-wrenching Sprained Ankle back in 2015, Julien Baker has quickly established herself as a voice of emotional struggle. Her lyrics are unashamedly honest, presenting tales of broken relationships, self-doubt and social anxiety.

Funeral Pyre continues this heartbreaking trend, pushing Baker further towards legendary songwriting status. Her perfect capture of the conflict between personal preservation and the caring of others is accompanied by her gentle yet powerful melody.

Together this builds an initially sad number, but one that doesn’t hide away from the light at the end of the tunnel. As with all of Baker’s tracks, there’s a distinct sense that the anguish in question is a necessary part of individual liberty.

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