Neck Deep tell us their ultimate guide to wrestling

Neck Deep haven’t had much time to stop and think in the last twelve months or so, as the release of their first full-length album fuelled a non-stop tour cycle across America and the UK.

If there’s one thing these Wrexham pop-punkers love as much as catchy hooks though, it’s wrestling. They even named their first tour of 2015 after their beloved WWE, as they headline the Intercontinental Championships tour in the UK this January and February.

We catch up with the band’s resident wrestling enthusiast, guitarist Matt West, for his 101 on loving wrestling as much as Neck Deep do. Notepads at the ready…

Neck Deep wrestling

1. Live the drama

“I love wrestling purely just because it’s ridiculous, it’s like a drama show but instead of people arguing in a pub you get a couple of absolute units knocking each other about and flying around in a ring.”

2. Start with the WWE Network

“I think the WWE Network is a sick place to start. I know it’s something that WWE never stop talking about at the minute, but it’s honestly sick. We got our Tour Manager to watch some episodes of the Monday Night Wars and it’s just a good history lesson on the three biggest Feds of the ’90s, leading up to present day. I’ll always be a WWE guy, as it’s what got me into wrestling.”

3. Imitation is not your friend

“I can remember quite vividly the first time I watched wrestling. I remember being up before my parents one morning, I was sat downstairs watching TV and flicked over to Sky One, and they just so happened to be showing Smackdown. I’d never seen anything like it before and I was enthralled by it. My mum didn’t like the idea of me watching it as she thought I’d be Swanton Bombing down the stairs, but I never tried to imitate it. I found out a while ago that my dad used to be crazy into wrestling during the Brett Hart era, he stopped watching after the Montreal Screw Job though.”

4. Get a wrestling belt (and take it on tour)

“We’ve always liked it when a tour has a running theme. Even from the beginning of the show we have wrestling intros for all the bands. We somehow got the dude who does the voice overs for WWE PPV commercials to do the voice over for us, it’s insane. We also had a wrestling belt made up, it’s exactly the same as the one on the poster and it’s beautiful. I always wanted a replica belt when I was younger, but now I have my own custom one! Basically this tour is my idea that quickly grew grossly out of proportion.”

5. Back your favourite wrestlers

“My all-time favourite wrestler is Stone Cold. You cannot top all of the crazy stuff he used to do. Highlights for me would be the beer truck, the supermarket brawl with Booker T and running over the Rock’s brand new Lincoln Continental in a monster truck. He’s a mad bastard and I love him. I’ve got a 6 ft Cold Tapestry hung in my front room! Currently though, I’m really backing Seth Rollins, Dolphins Ziggler and Daniel Bryan.”

6. Dream big

“My dream title belt would be the Austin Smokin’ Skull Heavyweight Championship belt. It’s the best looking title they’ve ever had, even including the snakeskin on the back.”

7. Bring the fun to Neck Deep’s tour

“On this tour, I want see a ton of Wrestling signs, I want it to look like a Attitude Era of Monday night Raw when we come on stage; Neck Deep 3:16 signs everywhere please!”

Catch Neck Deep on tour on the Intercontinental Championships tour until 6 February – get tickets at But don’t forget the wrestling signs! 

Neck Deep - Losing Teeth (Official Music Video)

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