Music Venue Trust announces FIGHTBACK in urgent move to save venues

Music Venue Trust’s FIGHTBACK is a gig with no acts… yet. But, it will launch a new nationwide service from MVT to directly stop music venue closures.

FIGHTBACK is taking place on Tuesday 18 October at London’s Roundhouse, but as of today, the event has no artists booked to perform.

“This is urgent,” says Mark Davyd of MVT. “Every venue that closes is another nail in the coffin for our touring circuit. What’s happening to our music venues is an emergency which should concern every music fan, every musician, and everybody working in the music industry in the UK.”

With only four weeks to put the event together, Music Venue Trust is launching an appeal today for headline and support artists to come forward to support #Fightback. Artists, sound engineers, lighting technicians and backline suppliers are urged to contact the charity at [email protected] to join this event and to make it happen.

Music Venue Trust Emergency Response

FIGHTBACK will also launch and help fund a new service that aims to tackle the number 1 cause of venue closures in the UK; the cost the cost and complexity of legal advice and expert opinion on planning, development, noise and licensing issues. MVT has assembled an Emergency Response Team which includes the UK’s leading experts on licensing, planning, acoustics, noise, legal and tenancy issues. By filling in a simple online form, venues will be able to access the very best advice available.

Tickets for the event go on sale next week for only £10 from the Roundhouse website.