Modern Baseball get stoked on Death Cab, UK emo and British breakfasts

If you’re familiar with the delights of today’s American emo scene, you’ll be well-acquainted with Modern Baseball.

If not, then you’re in luck, because the Philadelphia four-piece are currently touring the UK with genre bro, Evan Thomas Weiss, of Into It. Over It.

We caught up with Modern Baseball singer and guitarist, Brendan Lukens, before the band kicked off their UK/European tour in Amsterdam, to find out how they were all feeling about returning to this side of the Atlantic. Read the full interview below…

Modern Baseball - Your Graduation (Official Music Video)

We’re excited to have you back in the UK, how’re you feeling about the tour?

“We are so excited! We love coming to the UK and Europe, it always ends up being a tour that we talk about for months. We are all very excited for London and Southampton just because most of our friends live in those places; though honestly, we are just as excited for the whole thing!”

What’ve you been up to since we last saw you?

“Since our last time in the UK in September we went on tour around the US, twice! Once with The Wonder Years, The Story So Far and, UK favourites, Gnarwolves (best band), and another where we headlined. Then in January most of us went back to school, it’s not as fun as touring; we are actually on Spring Break now!”

We’re glad you mentioned Gnarwolves , now we have a reason to ask what do you think of the UK’s DIY punk and emo scenes right now?

“It’s great! We have toured and played with enough bands of multiple genres that we know a lot of the promoters and punks in the area. Coming from Philly it’s always nice to see any amount of DIY passion when you’re on tour; it makes you feel at home.”

So what’s been your go-to soundtrack while travelling over here?

“Well we are all listening to so many things at once, because we have such different taste. Personally I’d say the new Title Fight and Taylor Swift, I’ve also pre-ordered the new Death Cab for Cutie, and have been listening to the four songs available non-stop; I’m really looking forward to that!

If you had to pick one album or track that will soundtrack your 2015 overall then, what would it be?

“I’d say the first song off the new Death Cab, No Room in Frame, I’ve just grown such an attachment to it so fast, hopefully the whole album has the same effect me!”

Modern Baseball - The Weekend

Who has the worst tour habits out of the band?

“We are all very bad (laughs); Jake puts his used tissues in weird spots in the van, Ian can’t wake up ever – it makes it very hard to play shows – my feet smell and Sean doesn’t always wash his show shorts. Not the best team!”

So tell us, how does UK tour food compare to the US?

“I honestly like it way more; breakfast is so much better and I miss UK tea. All the helpings are great; I’m a big guy so food is a big thing for me and I (well, we) very much approve! We are excited for our German dates since all the food there is great too! Mmm, now I’m hungry (laughs).”

Modern Baseball play the remaining UK dates this month:

26 Leeds, Brudenell Social Club
27 Glasgow, Stereo
28 London, Tufnell Park Dome
29 Bristol, The Fleece

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