Lovebox Festival 2015: five of our favourite moments from day two

With day one done and dusted, Ticketmaster’s Hilda Wandawa gears up for more music, roller discos and general party carnage from Saturday at Lovebox Festival 2015.

1. Snooooooop (Dogg)
With Lovebox typically being an electronic music festival, Snoop Dogg was an unexpected line-up addition, but was one that I whole-heatedly welcomed. The big Dogg made a grand entrance, decked out in jewels galore, and an England shirt, walking out to the 1999 hit with Dr Dre and co, The Next Episode. He also banged out classics like Gin and Juice and Who Am I, and squashed east side/west side beefs by covering California Love and Hypnotise as tributes to Tupac and The Notorious B.I.G.

Snoop Dogg Lovebox 2015

Danny North 2015 / Lovebox

2. Bump Roller Disco
Lovebox gave us a taste of the eighties with the Bristol-based roller disco, Bump. No neon tights and visors here though, thankfully. Revellers and artists alike rolled around to the best in 80s cheese like The Bee Gees Staying Alive. Bump without a doubt was the most fun I’ve had on roller skates ever, however, some people did find out that they call it Bump for a reason!

roller disco Lovebox 2015

Danny North 2015 / Lovebox

3. Jessie Ware
Jessie Ware made her Lovebox debut on Saturday, gracing the main stage with an effortlessly cool, fun and sultry performance. She got the crowd going, er, wild with Wildest Moments and had everyones’ energy up for No To Love. Factor in her stunningly soulful vocal range and natural, stripped-back performance, and Jessie is firmly on our ones to watch list.

Jessie Ware / Lovebox 2015

Danny North 2015 / Lovebox

4. The Bandstand Remixed stage
Past the commotion of the main stage and into the far reaches of the festival site lay a little stage on the monument at Victoria Park. The soundtrack to the Bandstand Remixed stage when we stumbled in on Saturday was Latin ska, but they also had beatboxers, jazz musicians and The Roundhouse Choir. We then found people practising the native New Zealand art of Poi just because, which added even more to the relaxed, chilled out mood of the area, making it feel like a different festival completely.

Lovebox 2015

Richard Johnson 2015 / Lovebox

5. Annie Mac
This girl sure did get the party started! The stage looked like a tropical paradise, with huge neon palm trees, a sea-like blue backdrop and Annie Mac’s face plastered on the front of her DJ booth; by far the best looking stage of the festival. Annie had everyone fist-pumping from start to finish with her unique blend of bass driven house music.

Annie Mac Lovebox 2015

Richard Johnson 2015 / Lovebox

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