Here are Lady Gaga’s most epic live moments

A.K.A. all those times Lady Gaga left us awe-struck.

She’s one of the most talented and versatile entertainers of her generation, if not THE most talented and versatile. Her fanbase worships her religiously, and when you have a look through our list below or have ever seen Lady Gaga perform anywhere, you’ll know just exactly why. It doesn’t matter what genre of music you’re into, there’s no denying she’s the queen of the live show.

In honour of Lady Gaga’s 31st birthday today, we’ve collected her craziest, most insane, goosebump-inducing live moments of the last few years. Get ready to have your mind blown and excitement level turned up full throttle (she IS touring the UK in October after all).

You And I (MTV Video Music Awards 2011)
Remember that time she dressed up as Joe for the MTV VMA’s and slagged herself off? Priceless! And then she brings out Queen’s legendary guitarist Brian May.

Bang Bang, My Baby Shot Me Down (with Tony Bennett)
In 2014, Lady Gaga recorded a collaborative album with music legend Tony Bennett, which also resulted in a live TV special with the pair. As part of the show, Lady Gaga performed a chilling rendition of Nancy Sinatra’s Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down).

Bad Romance / Speechless (American Music Awards 2009)
She smashed the glass with the mic stand … OMG, the piano is on fire! – if it was any other artist you might be worried about a breakdown on stage. With Lady Gaga you know it was one epic performance. And such was her 2009 Bad Romance/Speechless show, all the while looking spectacular as ever.

Do What You Want (American Music Awards 2013)
Speaking of the American Music Awards, in 2013 she blessed us with another entertainment masterpiece. With R’n’B singer R. Kelly she performed the powerful Do What You Want as the president’s secretary (and R. Kelly as the president, of course!).

Million Reasons (Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016)
It’s safe to say the Victoria Secret Fashion show is one of the biggest mainstream fashion events of the year, and it never fails to impress with a star-studded musical line-up. But last year’s highlight with Lady Gaga singing Million Reasons in a stunning rose-dress blew us away.

Applause (MTV Video Music Awards 2013)
Five outfits in five minutes – we’re not sure if that’s a record, but we’re pretty sure it is. And if anyone can set that record and still look magnificent with every single new outfit, it would be Lady gaga. Feast your eyes on this.

Till It Happens To You (Oscars 2016)
We don’t just love Lady Gaga for her stunning voice, incredible outfits, ridiculous talent and her devoted fans, but also for her genuine dedication to societal issues that she cares deeply about. So it was no surprise that we had all the goosebumps during this performance at last year’s Oscars.

LI Superbowl half-time show (2017)
Superbowl half-time shows are always over the top, and probably the best thing you’ll see all year (remember 2016’s Beyonce performance?). And this year Lady Gaga has only gone and topped everything we’ve ever seen at the Superbowl. All hail the queen! Watch the whole thing here:

Are you as psyched as we are for her UK tour? We know it’s going to be one thing, and one thing only: epic.

We’ve a few limted tickets left for selected shows and a brand new date in Birmingham going on sale this Friday via