Style edit: Kylie Minogue’s most memorable stage outfits

Fashion magpie and style YouTuber, Sophie Eggleton, walks us through Kylie’s most memorable stage outfits ahead of her headline slot at Hyde Park, for Barclaycard presents British Summer Time.

We’ve adopted Kylie as one of our own pop legends here in the UK, so we are cock-a-hoop to hear she’ll be entertaining us in our capital city this summer. She’s renowned for her incredible stage shows, so I thought I’d pick out some of my favourite stage looks from her lengthy career – featuring collaborations with the likes of William Baker and Dolce and Gabbana.

'Kids' live duet; Kylie & Dannii Minogue

The Catsuit
There’s something about a catsuit which makes a woman move differently – you slink around, moving in fluid sexy motions, like a feline on the prowl. The train-come-cape feature gave Kylie something extra to use on stage, as did the tail, which she used to flirt with the audience even more. The lace-up Basque enhanced her sexy silhouette, but the all-over bodysuit stops it from being too much! Kylie is loved by women and men in part because she is that rare breed of both cute and sexy; the addition of the ears give the look an added dose of adorable.

Holographic Dress
One of the best things about being a performer must be that you have an excuse to wear things there is no occasion for in normal life. There are no limits, nothing is too extreme or ridiculous. It’s every fashion fan’s dream! I don’t wear it in real life but I love glitter, metallic and holographic. A material that changes in different lights, that shines and glitters – what’s not to like! Team this material with a strapless ball gown and a Grecian plait and I’m in style heaven.

KYLIEFEVER2002 (Part 1/6) | Kylie Minogue Video

The ‘Look, I still have an incredible body’ costume
Instant sex appeal courtesy of the over-the-knee silver boots and a short enough hemline to show off her most famous body part – this look is smokin’. I’m not sure I can pull off saying that, but let’s face it, this one is very overt in its hotness. There’s a lot of flesh on show, the outfit consists of a sparkly bralet, shorts and some sort of armour on her arms. The look is given a cool edge with the hair in tight plaits against her head. In a word, this look screams confidence.

Kylie Minogue - On a Night Like This [Showgirl Homecoming Tour]

The Showgirl
This is glamour, vegas style. I’m not sure how many birds were left freezing their naked bodies off to create this show-stopping ensemble, but the effect is definitely dramatic. You have to admire the embellishment on that structured bodice, and that beautiful blush dip-dye feather train. Just wow!

Kylie Minogue - Madrid Mtv Day 2009 - Speakerphone (HD)

The prettiest Phantom there ever was…
It’s all about this blinded-out mask, which has more than a nod towards that famously lonely figure that lives at the opera.

Kylie Minogue - Come Into My World (For You, For Me Edit)

Metallic Prisms
You can’t help but think Gaga when you see this look – it definitely resembles some of her early stage looks. Do you remember how crazy they seemed at the time?! Having angular boulders jutting out from your hips wouldn’t work for everyone, but somehow this geometric 3D structure looks fab on her petite frame. That said, it’s the headpiece that I am utterly obsessed with. She has quite literally made herself the centre of the universe with a solar system of planets seemingly orbiting round her glamorous bonce.

Kylie Minogue - Live at Aphrodite Les Folies Tour 2011 (Part 1/7)

Grecian Goddess
She has donned numerous versions of the this look over the years, and it’s very effortless for her to achieve this aesthetic – she is so naturally feminine and elegant. This look is prevented from being just a straight forward Grecian red carpet gown, with the use of a mullet hemline, corseting, and gold cups that peak through from the white fabric. I bet it looked even more beautiful in motion with the beautiful pearl and gold beading swaying. Once again she adds an element of fun with the winged headpiece.


Futuristic Cheerleader
A pop icon favourite – we’ve seen Gwen Stefani and Taylor Swift do it – but Kylie puts a futuristic, pop-art spin on things. I love that she pairs retro victory curls with this ultra modern look, and stops it from being just sporty by adding that Kylie-kittenishness with the heeled shoe-boots. Who wouldn’t enjoy having a harem of hunky men in their very own cheer team?

1989 performance with Jason Donovan
Okay, so this one makes the cut purely due to nostalgia. Kylie by Kylie was one of the first albums I bought as was Jason Donovan’s Ten Good Reasons, so any visuals of the former lovebirds performing together in the 80s makes me feel warm and cosy inside…Well, before I reflect on how many years has past since, then I want to do a lengthy weep. In the last year or so, we have seen culottes make a comeback, something which filled me with dread mainly because the only pair I owned were a scratchy set of sludgy coloured ones as part of my Brownie uniform. Here we see Kylie sashay on stage sporting a pleated cream pair, teamed with a satin halter top and a chunky gold heart necklace. Her best accessory, however, was Jason in that fetching waistcoat and embroidered shirt.

Which outfit is your favourite? Let me know @SophieEggleton.

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